Credit Warnings & Suspenions. Blacklisted or Terminated Agents from the FS Network  

Current FS Agents under Credit Warnings

There are no current members under credit warnings in the group.



Current Five Star Agents Suspended;-


The following agents are currently suspended until they pay their overdue debts to their fellow members. If they fail to meet their obligations within a reasonable time frame they will be terminated permanently.


There are no current members under suspension in the group.




The following agents have either been replaced or terminated from the Five Star World Network due to the reasons set out in each section below;-


They are no longer part of the FS Network and so please take of note in case they contact you in the future to resume any former relations.

Always check with the Five Star Web Site if you are unsure on current agent details.


Terminated Agents

The following agents were removed from the group for failing to meet theirs debts to their fellow agents;


Betham Freight - Samoa                       

Boatique Forwarding - Australia

Jaiv Freight - Fiji

JM Freight - Uganda 

Master Polo - Brazil

MGL Auckland - New Zealand

Nooranma Travel - Maldives

Poseidon Logistics - Chile


Stella Trade - Serbia & Balkans

Teenair / Leopard Shipping -Iran & C.I.S.

Trading Vostok - Ukraine

Worldwide Freight - Kenya


Replaced Agents

The following agent(s) were replaced due to inactivity within the group.



Egypt - International Marine Services  

Fiji - Movements International

Georgia - Gianti  

Iran - KNS

Lithuania - Vitelda

Madagascar - FTL 

Nepal-Starlight Express

Nigeria - Regent Freight

Paraguay - L.A.Palumbo  

Saudi Arabia - Al Zafer Cargo    


The following agent(s) were replaced due to poor service levels within the group.

Superior Cargo - Mali (TAM)


The following agent(s) were replaced due to unprofessional conduct within the group.

Asiafrique Logistics - Togo - Africa

Eastern Network - Singapore


The following agent(s) were replaced due to other circumstances

All Cargo - Ghana (Bank Payment Issues)











































































BlacklistedBlacklisted Former Five Star Agent

The following agents did not pay their

membership fees


Algeria - Aljo Shipping

Australia Perth - Hindle Buralli

Barbados - L.A. Forde Logistics

Bernin - Sotraca Shipping

Brunei - L Mark Express

Cameroon - Newtek Logistic

China - Dongmar Xiamen Freight

Congo - GTS Express

Estonia - Baltic Sea Cargo

Georgia - T.T.S. Ltd

Guam & Saipan - JRC Logistics

Haiti - Chatelain Cargo

Honduras - Logistic International

Iran - Persian Cargo

Jordan - A.S.T.

Kuwait - Amaz International

Malaysia - Global Air Marine

Malawi- JSJ Freight

Mauritania-Teissir Shipping 

Mauritius - Island Logistics

Nigeria - Redline Logistics

Nigeria - Shipping Empire

Nigeria - Weyland Cargo

Peru - CCD Global Services

Romania - RCS Comisar

Romania - RH Freight

Sri Lanka - Asia Pacific

Sudan - PAW Logistics

Togo - Logistique Commerciale Afrique

Trinidad - Caribbean Freight

Ukraine - Chinese Brothers

Uruguay - GCM Global

Uruguay - Green Cargo

Zambia - Freight Logistics


To assist you more with viewing industry delinquent agents, shippers and consignees oopearting outside of our network, please click on the 3 hyperlinks for Freight Debts, Freight Deadbeats and Forwarders Debts Recovery Services on the home page.

When owed money by an overseas agent please strongly consider the advice to report them to any of the above credit watch bureaus, as "shaming" agents on black lists is a powerful way to get paid! The lists are viewed not just by agents, but carriers, airlines and clients alike, make your news travel fast in the industry, and get paid!