Five Star Charity Scheme                                                                                                  


2014 saw our Hosts - DMS Mar select a very worthwile beneficary for our AGM Charity

Operation Smile Morcco was chosen by Mr Ahmed Khoutaby and our delegates quickly got behind his choice very well by raising in just 2.5 days a great total uf USD$3082.00. 

Dr Said of Smile Morocco made a presentation about all the fantastic work they do, which centres on plastic surgery repairs to cleft lips and palates , lip burns and scars and subsequent dental follow ups and care. In short Smile Morocco can make a dramatic and life changing short procedure to children and adults to give them a chance to live normally and with confidence.  We thank DMS and Smile Morocco 2014 and are proud to have had to opportunity to help them in some small way!



2013 saw children in Inner Mongolia as the beneficaries receiving our collective donation from all the AGM delegates in Beijing. A total of just over RMB7000 was raised and our hosts EAI spent that on much needed books for the students in poor areas. These students had not had updated learning material for their education, and so as you can see from the pictures below they were very welcome!

We thank all delegates who contributed and hope the books assist the students in their education for the future!



In 2012 we turned our attention to the below two causes.

Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi (Association for Support of Contemporary Life)

This charity helps girls from poverty stricken families who cannot afford to fund their education with the aim of giving them a good education and hope for their future.

Please go to the following link for full information;

Cagdas Association



This group aids and assists young children and their families suffering from leukemia

Please go to the following link for full information;

Losev Group


Kargotur has reported back that a total of USD$3000 (5300 Turkish Liras at R.O.E. of 1 USD$ = 1.76 TKL) was collected at the AGM

Out of that TKL3800 was awarded to Cagdas and TKL1500 to Losev. (Kargotur felt Cagdas needs were greater in this case)

I thank everyone who kindly donated again for their very kind support and hope as usual this money helps improve someones life for the better!





It was very important to build on the success of the initial 2010 Charity cause, and the 2011 Host Mr David Gunawan and his team from PGS Indonesia took to the task with great relish and humility.

The benefactors were the Rawinala Foundation, a training foundation located in East Jakarata that provides services to children with MDVI (Multi Disability and Visual Impairment) The school is recognised as the first and to this day the only education centre of its type in Indonesia.

It caters from 2 to 20 years, and was established in 1973. The school works specifically with multi disabled children, allowing them to reach their full potential and encouraging them to lead full and involved lives in the community.

Five Star delegates raised a total amount of ID Rupiah 67,986520 (approx $7500) for this great cause and it was an emotional moment again when David presented the donation to Murti, Dewa and their carers (pictured above) on the final morning of the AGM.

Long may our group continue to assist great and wonderful people all over the world who dedicate their lives to help others less fortunate than us. Our thanks again to David and all at PGS who made this all possible!






The above picture captures the special and emotional moment (above) when the hosts Mrs Petro Gouws (PGF Consultants Johannesburg and Cape Town) and Mr Devan Naidoo (Astrad Shipping Durban) handed over a cheque for ZAR35,000 (approximately USD$7000) to Mary from the Village Care Centre in Capetown


The Village Care Centre in Cape Town was established in 1989 originally to house and care for abandoned and abused children. In 2008 they extended their care to accomodate less advantaged elderly people. 


Their main existing programmes cover Aids and drug awareness, crisis care and counselling, residential care, food support and job creation.  

Each year a few months prior to the meeting the charity scheme will be identified and announced by the Hosts.

Please always remember this scheme is voluntary, and the amount you send is up to you and always treated confidentially. Iif you are unfortunately unable to attend a meeting, you are still welcome to donate directly.

The annual Five Star AGM Charity scheme is open for everyone, so please let your staff members know so they can also make a donation if they wish.