Grievance Procedure (Section taken from the Groups Code of Conduct)  

8. Grievance Procedure

If you have a genuine complaint against a fellow member,  the procedure is;-


Complete the Formal Network Complaint Form, and send to the President in confidence. The President will then send the form on to the concerned party to answer the complaint. That party must reply in full within 2 weeks and return the form to the President.

The Committee is then advised and then the matter will be discussed with the two parties involved.

A decision will be made by the Committee and both parties must abide by it.

The whole process is kept confidential to protect everyone’s good name.

In cases of poor or non response, the complaints form can be used to notify the committee of a weak link in the group. The case reported must demonstrate a clear case of negligence, the minimum benchmark being 3 unanswered emails, or 3 different occasions when a response has not been provided.



If an agent is to receive termination, a one month notice will be given, and a global bulletin will be sent round warning of the termination. All members must then pay attention to get their outstanding dues paid by the outgoing member.

All means necessary (by working together) will be used to secure all FS agents payments are collected from the departing member.