For quotations, please locate your required agent in the A-Z country list page and then click on their link.
The links will give you the option to email, call, MSN, skype or fax your chosen representative. However if you prefer, you will even have the option to select the hyperlink to each member’s website, so you can learn more about their services prior to making contact.
Our network is committed to acknowledge the receipt of all freight quotes within 24 hours, and answer in full in the shortest possible time. Please note though that involved quotes such as tenders are time consuming and further time should be given on these.

For sales leads an action period of one week should be granted by the sending agent to the receiving agent. Again an email must be sent back to acknowledge receipt and it is being worked on.

Please do not send vague sales leads with little or no information (unqualified) as they will be rejected.

Always check the World Public Holidays Link at the bottom of the Home Page to ensure the country you are emailing is not on holiday, before you request an urgent quote.
If you fail to get a response, and you know the country is not on holiday, and the matter is critical, please call or Skype the agent to obtain an immediate answer.